Empowering individuals for sustainable health and a thriving planet

By Joakim Persson

“Sustainability” has become a widespread buzzword, an all-encompassing mantra for addressing various issues that concern us all.

While it is often associated with environmental challenges and the planet’s climate, we overlook its relevance regarding our perspectives, choices, and lifestyles.

The key to achieving sustainable well-being for ourselves and the earth lies in our conduct and actions, forming the foundation for positive transformations.

Rather than attributing problems solely to external factors beyond our control, we must acknowledge each individual’s role in pursuing sustainability.

It is a matter of how we live, striving to find happiness and optimal health, which catalyzes positive change. Conversely, living unsustainable lives can lead to ailments and misery.

How can we expect to achieve a sustainable balance on Earth if we are disconnected as individuals asks Natalie?

This a part of Natalie’s story, read the full story on LinkedIn here and Medium here.

Natalie was a keynote speaker at the New Nordic CleanTech Showcase in Brussels at the Press Club on June 20th. The full live stream video on Vimeo.

Thank you Natalie for your valuable contribution. Curious to learn more.

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