Welcome to CleanTech Region Impact Group. 

We invite you to help us in Supporting Solving climate solvers

With a Positive Impact, purpose, and results on people, planet, and profit, with exponential tech, education, and financing.

At the same time, we are accelerating the transformation from fossil-fueled world to a  sustainable, just and regenerative world. That supports Impact makers and our society reaching the agreed United Nations SDGs – Sustainability Global Goals before 2030. 


We have only one planet.

It is the key to address on an individual, community, organizational and corporate levels for new models, story & systemic change for the greatest potential we have now.

We are heading into the world’s largest business opportunity, a global paradigm shift. With exponential technologies, products & services, and new business models this is the time for an impact.

We focus on these opportunities and strengths. How to co-create, provide new inspiration, tools, and transfer this knowledge,  supported by the next generation of education and technologies like VR/XR/AI/5G for real impact.


By sourcing, matching and facilitating the best climate tech companies, entrepreneurs, change-makers, innovations and Impact solutions connecting them with customers, projects, partners, capital and investors globally.

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Our vision is to Solve the global climate and societal challenges and create healthy flourishing society latest by 2030.  In line with the United Nations SDGs, the Global Sustainability Goals.


Facilitating, Sourcing and matching the best climate tech companies, innovations, Impact solutions and matching with global customers, partners projects, & financing. Creating more business and a positive Climate Impact & with purpose before 2030.

We believe:

In the combination of new stories and models with Co-creation and Exponential, Tech solutions can Inspire communities to positive change and become learning regenerative societies.


In 2008 we started the storytelling magazine Green Solutions from Sweden and the Nordics to share good Ideas and examples Inspiring to positive change and discovery of the best green impact and purpose-driven solutions in the world.


In 2010 CleanTech Region conducted its first Green Solutions from Sweden World tour and received an Award for the best CleanTech Initiative in the world.

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Lars Ling,

CEO, and Founder.