CleanTech Region Group is a Global CleanTech Enterprise Promoter, accelerator, Advisory, Investor & Consultancy firm delivering Nordic Climate Solutions, financing and leadership for global challenges.

We assist, advise, finance and consults visionary, potential and Innovative Nordic cleantech and climate solving companies how to, and where to find customers, projects, partners and financing Globally with the most comprehensive Network in the Industry.

Vision & Misson:

Accelerates cities and people towards our Sustainability goals, by delivering Nordic climate solutions, financing, and leadership for our global challenges. Empowering humans and societies to action and engagement.

Good examples should be shared for Inspiration since 2009 we have published the Magazine Green Solutions from Sweden & Nordics Magazine. Today Distributed in over 100 countries today, targeting and attracting  Investors, Buyers, and decision-makers searching for low carbon sustainable climate solutions.

Green Solutions from Sweden & Nordics Magazine

CleanTech Region and its CEO Lars Ling is Frequently engaged as an inspiring award-winning speaker, expert, facilitator, visionary change-maker and as well lecturing in CleanTech, Sustainability, Climate Innovative solutions, financing, and leadership.

Bookings for Lars Ling

In 2010 CleanTech Region conducted its first World tour and received an Award for the best CleanTech Initiative in the world.

Welcome and contact us how we can help your Company and move the World to our Vision?

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