Co-Creators are selected ambassadors by CleanTech Region Impact Groups global  partners around the world. They are successful entrepreneurs, investors, networkers, and Individual weavers making the impossible possible.

global cleantech region co-creators
global cleantech region co-creators

We will help you from idea to market and IPO. We will also helping you setting up your company, craft and developing your idea, story, support your innovation, growth plans for your company, from idea, start-up to scale-ups. We will help you with market checks and inspirational workshops with focus on the market of your interest.

How can we help you? 

In 2008, CleanTech Region Impact Group launched STORY tool, the Green Solutions from Sweden magazine, also including the Nordics now was founded. You follow our video VIMEO channel as well here 

In 2020 we are taking the next steps in growing our platform combining the best cutting edge technology from a digital usage to reach intended targets and groups globally.

Joakim Persson Nordic Impact Media


Please meet Joakim Persson, our Global Director, for Nordic Impact Media, CleanTech Region Impacts publishing group who are leading our development of the above platform with our customers and partners.

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