We are excited to share the program for the New Nordic CleanTech Showcase at the Press Club in Brussels.

You can download the program at the bottom.

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Prof. Gunter Pauli will be joining us at the Press Club for the first time. You will have the opportunity to meet him and learn from Gunter’s keynote on the future of #CleanTech and #Decarbonization.

The New Nordic CleanTech Showcase 

Venue: The Press Club in Brussels. Tuesday, June 20th, 2023. From 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

The New Nordic CleanTech Showcase will be a hybrid event with live attendance and will be live-streamed on Press Club’s YouTube and CleanTech Regions’ Vimeo channels.

12:33 – 1:15 pm

Welcome and enjoy a 45-minute light networking lunch.

Connect and network with CleanTech professionals, Ambassadors, decision makers, companies, speakers, entrepreneurs, investors, stakeholders, media, and startups.

1.16 – 1.22 pm 

Welcome Remarks, moderators Lars Ling & Prof. Gunter Pauli. Lars Ling is the CEO & Founder of CleanTech Region Impact Group—Prof—Gunter Pauli is, Founder of Zeri, The Blue Economy, and Chairman of the Board at Novamont. 

1.23 – 1.40 pm

Keynote by Pär Larshans on the importance of the Circular Economy’s role in accelerating decarbonization. 

Pär Larshans is an Award winner in communication, social sustainability, and intrapreneurship— currently the Chief Sustainability Corporate Responsibility & Public Affairs Officer at Ragnsells AB. Ragnsells Group is leading the transformation to circularity, originating from 1881. 

1.41 – 1.49 pm 

Opening Remarks by H.E. Ammon Mutembwa, Ambassador for Zimbabwe to the EU, on the Solar Thermal Heat Decarbonisation potential for industries in Africa and Zimbabwe. 

1.50 – 2.33 pm 

Solar Thermal HEAT Decarbonisation SESSION, with a world-leading panel on how African and European industries can decarbonize. 

1.50 – 2.08 pm 

A man with a Vision Joakim Byström, CEO of Absolicon Solar Collector AB –  how Solar Thermal Heat will Decarbonise industries in Europe, Africa, and the world. 

2.09 – 2.25 pm

The 10 Gorges Project by Dr. S. Z. Gata, Executive Chairman, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Holdings. Dr. S. Z. Gata presents The 10 Gorges Project and Solar Thermal Heat decarbonization opportunities for Industries in Zimbabwe and Africa. 

2.26 – 2.33 pm 

Panel with Dr. S. Z. Gata and Joakim Byström, Solar Thermal Europe representatives moderated by Lars Ling and Prof Gunter Pauli. 

2.34 – 2.45 pm 

Keynote by Prof. Gunter Pauli. In the FUTURE of CleanTech and Decarbonisation, what actions can Europe take to be competitive with innovation and green job creation? 

Prof. Gunter Pauli is a Pioneer named”The Steve Jobs of Sustainability” and “The Che Guevara of Sustainability”—the Founder of Zeri, The Blue Economy, and Chairman of the Board at Novamont. 

2.46 – 3.02 pm 

The FUTURE Of Electric Grids! ByPaolo Micheletti Chief Philosophy and Human Officer, Exaum Oy. Presenting – We need affordable, flexible, clean balancing grids to make the energy transition happen! 

Paolo says; Philosophy is the love of wisdom, I’m not wise, but I would love to be. The never-ending journey is an effort to understand, every day, a little more, the fundamental nature of reality. I firmly believe in finding balance within ourselves and society, so I am committed to balancing the power grid to promote the green transition. 

3.03 – 3.17 pm 

BREAK, Coffee, tea, water, and business networking. 

3.18 – 3.28 pm

The State of New Nordic CleanTech! Boel Rydenå Swartling 

Boel is co-founder of the charging company Charge Amps, where she is on the board, and she has initiated and run the capital market day Sweden Sustain Tech Venture Day, Sweden’s most important capital market day for growth companies in Greentech. 

3.29 – 3.38 pm

Special announcement! With Prof. Gunter Pauli, and Ph.D. Michael Ben-Eli, The Founder of Sustainability Labs; Karin Nyquist, Environmental Coordinator; and Lars Ling CleanTech Region Impact Group. 

3.39 – 4.54 pm 

The FUTURE New Nordic CleanTech Showcase SPRINT of Clean Energy, Web 3, AI, Smart Cities, Decarbonising Africa. 

Let’s deep dive and explore what the New Nordic Clean Energy technologies and human-centered solutions can deliver and Clean Energy powered by AI, Web3, and blockchain. How can it decarbonize Africa? 

3.39 – 3.47 pm

Powersave me David Radszuweit, CEO and Founder of Powersave me

David is a Startup Founder, Advisor, Networker & Security Project Manager who leverages over 20 years of international experience in nearly every aspect of remote project management and entrepreneurship. Story here. 

3.48 – 3.55 pm 

Human-centered Sustainable design with Natalie Storbacka  

Natalie Storbacka is a well-respected professional in empowered health and self-healing; Climate Change and Global warming are in focus, but what about Human Change? 

3.57 – 4.08 pm 

Afstor Clean Cooking, and the 400 stoves project in Zambia with Vesa Korhonen, Solar, and 4G in Zambia. Afstor Solar Home and Cooker System — enables electricity, internet & education in Africa and compensates carbon dioxide emissions by reducing wood-burning. 

4.09 – 4.24 pm

The world’s first Web 3.0, next-generation edutainment solution.

Henri Keskkula, and Richard Keskkula, founders of the Estonian-based Applehead Finance, will present the world’s first Web 3.0, next-generation edutainment solution; they are on a mission to build and achieve this while at the same time also “revolutionising” the clean energy sector. 

4.24 – 4.44 pm 

Clean Energy Technology, Green Transition, decarbonizing cities and industries in Africa, Europe & Beyond. 

Panel with thought leaders and experts; Cecilia Wandiga, Executive Director at Centre for Science and Technology Innovations in Nairobi. Pascal Murasira, Managing Director at Norrsken House East Africa. And Kok-Chin Tay, Chairman – of Smart Cities Network, Executive Director of ASEAN Smart Cities Council. Moderated by Lars Ling and Gunter Pauli. 

4.44 – 4.54 pm

Conclusions, Final remarks, and calls to action! Thank you! 

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