About CleanTech Region Impact Group

We support businesses and individuals working to solve environmental and climate issues. We offer financial support, technology, PR, storytelling, and business assistance to make a positive impact on people, the planet, and profits.

We are based in London, UK founded in the Nordics.


Achieve the United Nations’ sustainability goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Our mission;

We help bring climate-friendly technology solutions to the world by connecting them with challenges, customers, projects, partners, and investors worldwide.

We believe;

In the combination of Co-creation and Exponential Tech solutions can Inspire communities to positive change and become learning regenerative societies.


In 2008, we created the Green Solutions magazine to inspire change and share ideas, examples, and stories about green technology, education, and financing solutions. You can read the magazine on ISSUU.


In 2010 CleanTech Region conducted its first Green Solutions from Sweden World tour and received an I40 Innovation Award CleanTech Region for one the best CleanTech Initiative in the world. Awarded at London Stock Exchange.

Please connect for an open discussion about how can we help?


Lars Ling CEO & Founder

Latest news!

CleanTech Region Impact Group partners with Pitch Globally Impact in London

Pitch Globally is coming to London from CleanTech Region Impact Group on Vimeo.

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