CleanTech Region – The New Green World North of Stockholm!

It´s with gratitude and appreciation I share this editorial article about CleanTech Region with you. The article is from the latest (fall) issue of The New Economy magazine. We are very proud to receive this international recognition. This truly shows and encourages us to keep up the good work and continue to market and share our CleanTech and Sustainable solutions. As the article say´s “A Heritage of know-how”

Thank you and enjoy!

Download TheNewEconomy_2010_article_CleanTechRegion 

Link to The New Economy

TheNew Economy_London stock exchange_Joakim Byström
In this Photo: Mr Joakim Byström, Managing Director and founder of Absolicon Solar Concentrator during the  interview held at London stock Exchange in May 2010, when CleanTech Region was awarded one of the most innovative regions.

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