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It´s CleanTech Region – // Det är CleanTech Region – MidSweden Chamber of commerce som i konkurrens med 40 valda regioner över hela världen har blivit vald som:

Nummer 1 och vinnare…….

CleanTech Region


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Från: Courtenay Harewood <>

Datum: to 28 jan 2010 15.59.05 GMT+01:00

Till: "" <>

Ämne: FW: The New Economy  i40 Listing Awards 2010


Dear Lars


Good news.I just got the confirmation.


You are officially the winner.


The level of advocacy and the work you are doing internationally swung it.




About the list

The 2010 New Economy Innovation 40 listing recognises those who have reached the very highest levels of achievement in their various fields of expertise and organisations that lead the way in driving their respective industries forward.  (like the FTSE 350 or Deloitte Fast 500 respectively), but purely on excellence in their field.

The list comprises the new business elite, made up of those whose vision and enterprise shapes the conceptual landscape of Innovation.

The New Economy Innovation 40 research fellowship follows up on the invaluable nominations, suggestions and contributions of the New Economy readership and explores and analyses new trends to unearth the best in Innovation.

The winner of the top 40 will be recognised in The New Economy, as well as being showcased on the<>  site where the advice and insight they offer can inspire and challenge others and serve as a benchmark of achievement.
About The New Economy

The New Economy captures the spirit of thought leadership. With at least one third of FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies doing business directly related to science & technology, technological progress is big business, and the world has never seen such a pace of innovation and growth as in the present day. 

The Awards judging panel will use a wide range of criteria to reach its decision for the 2010 Innovator 40 Listing, lending the critical eye of a collective 175 years of business journalism to the exhaustive information gathered by the award body’s research team. 

The award will recognize an innovator who has improved the lives of others by harnessing the power of energy to help fuel the long term economic wealth and business opportunities in the distinct region of operation, or its global operations. The energy and cleantech community knows better than anyone how long and arduous it can be to work on the next great energy or technology related breakthrough

A video interview conducted by our Broadcast Editor Hywel Jones (formerly of the BBC) to discuss their appointment to the list in the context of the ongoing development and achievements of the company. The video will appear on the website for 12 months.

A profile article covering two pages to run in the spring issue of the magazine (April-May 2010).
Reproduction of the editorial in the virtual edition on the New Economy homepage for three months.

The New Economy Innovation 40 obelisk
A certificate of appointment to the list
Full use of the New Economy Innovation 40 accreditation logo

Detail of the Broadcast will also be distributed to a comprehensive list of newsrooms around the world including national and regional newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, news agencies and on-line news services, including promotion to relevant trade journalists and to over 3,600 on-line services such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones,, Lexis Nexis,Yahoo!, AOL, Excite, & CNET.

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