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Meet Joakim Persson, Global Director & Editor in Chief for Nordic Baltic Impact Media!

Joakim has worked since 2000 as a content manager, writer, and photojournalist, living and working in Asia with his base in Bangkok, and built a unique network for business.

Joakim Persson Nordic Impact Media

We are helping Nordic-Baltic-European companies and organizations to reach ASEAN companies, customers and partners via our media channels and CREATING attractive STORIES that deliver results.

Joakim will be in Singapore between November 11 – 16th for SWITCH and the FIN-TECH conference in Singapore and all Nordic Innovation House activities and WANT to MEET as many NORDIC-BALTIC companies as possible.

Contact Joakim directly on mobile phone +66 89 761 6701 

Or direct messages on Joakims LinkedIn

Our FOCUS is Smart functional cities, Circular Bioeconomy, Energy, Water and with the support of Future of Education with help of technologies like VR/XR/AI/5G.  

You can learn about Joakims story telling and work with scandasia

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More Background Nordic Impact Media & Green Solutions from the Nordics magazine.

Nordic Impact Media, CleanTech Region Impact Groups Publishing arm, has since 2008 supported Nordic companies to reach customers with the help of stories of the Green Solutions from Sweden and the Nordics Magazine 

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