Lars Ling, CEO a​nd Founder

Hi and welcome,  I am Lars Ling, the CEO, and founder to CleanTech Region Impact Group, in 2008.

You got to use your time wisely and I am extremely grateful for the journey so far. It has brought me over 25 years + of International experience in sales, marketing & management. I have learned to be a better-skilled person each day and still learning.

One could say that I am an experienced thought leader, serial-entrepreneur & expert with experiences in Sports and Fitness, IT systems and infrastructure. Great experiences about our environment and Climate challenges, Impact technologies, leadership, education & financing.

My background started in Sports & fitness since I played Ice-hockey, soccer and sports shooter. I had a passion to combine this with business. So I started my first company in my early 20’s, spent almost 10 years in the sports and fitness industry. I then changed, by an opportunity for almost 10 years in the IT industry with global experience and sales in hardware, software and consulting.

Since 2006, my passion, mission, and vision have been to create a better more just and sustainable world. Doing so By Solving our climate challenges with climate tech Solutions, education, and financing for people, planet and profit, in that order.

CleanTech Region Impact Group does this by facilitating and creating business by matching Nordic and global climate tech companies, with global customers, projects, partners & financing.

I am a positive and driven Serial-Entrepreneur, Change-maker and International Keynote Speaker with on a Vision, mission and Passion to Solve our global climate challenges and reach the Sustainability global goals latest 2030.

I am a believer in you, yes you, we the humans, Co-creation & Exponential Tech Inspiring communities to become learning regenerative societies.

What customers and others say about Lars and CleanTech Region Impact Group;

Lars is a specialist in Clean Energy Technology and is coming to Hawaii to speak at the World Zero Emissions Conference.

” He is a Rock Star of CleanTech in Northern Europe”

How can we help you with the best climate tech solutions?

Connect to a preferred channel or email to lars.ling@cleantechregion!

Warm regards Lars


Lars Ling

BIO and more info Lars Ling


Information and booking requests please fill in the contact form below. Thank you!


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