Meet team Northern Star! ✨ in San Francisco this week!

And discuss the Future of Education! #learningjourney 

We are a multidisciplinary team of MA students from Aalto IDBM – International Design Business Management Master’s Program.

A part of our studies is to conduct an R&D project and tackle a real-life challenge which Start North has given us.

During the following week, we will be touring California to meet with stakeholders with interest in our mission, which is to find out how the future of education and learning will look like.

The research will be input to a 7-week Nordic summer course called 100 Impact Makers

Stay tuned and follow our journey here on Facebook and WhatsApp to find out more!

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Our California learning journey: Monday – Thursday, March 18-21.

To meet us, connect via  Or Whatsapp +358 40 7781118



From California, Noora, Linh, Klaus, and Fiona.

More Photos

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CleanTech Region Impact Group is supporting and facilitating the IDBM – Aalto MA students on their California learning journey and Start North, the Next Generation Education platform, and the 100 Impact Makers 7 week Nordic Summer course program.

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