CleanTech Region Impact Group

CleanTech Region Impact Group are Solving OUR Global Climate Challenges with, tech, education & financing. For positive Impact and results for people, planet, and profit.

Our global work is based at our Headquarter in London, UK.

Our Vision Is to solve OUR Global Climate Challenges with tech, education, and financing, before 2030, in line with UN’s Sustainability Goals.

Our mission Is delivered by facilitating climate tech solutions and companies matching with challenges, customers, projects, partners, and investors globally.

We believe in the combination of Co-creation and Exponential Tech solutions can Inspire communities to positive change and become learning regenerative societies.

Storytelling In 2008 we started the magazine Green Solutions from Sweden and the Nordics sharing Ideas, good examples, and stories Inspiring change and discovery of green tech, education, and financing solutions. Read Magazine here ISSUU

Awards In 2010 CleanTech Region conducted its first Green Solutions from Sweden World tour and received an I40 Innovation Award CleanTech Region for one the best CleanTech Initiative in the world. Awarded at London Stock Exchange.

Please connect for an open discussion about how can we help?

Connect  or call +46 72 740 66 06

Warm regards

Lars Ling

CEO & Founder


Latest news!

CleanTech Region Impact Group partners with Pitch Globally Impact in London

Pitch Globally is coming to London from CleanTech Region Impact Group on Vimeo.


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